Other Projects

Here are some other projects that I’ve worked on (for fun and profit okay, maybe just fun):

A library and example application to extract data from XEF files recorded with Kinect Studio. This project consisted of reverse-engineering the file format and developing a cross-platform way to read raw data from XEF files including access to the RGB, depth, audio, and skeleton/motion capture data. This also serves as a useful resource for documenting the file format, in hopes of better interoperability and access for future versions of the Kinect/HoloLens devices.

Plastic Oceans VR Experience
An immersive experience for Google Cardboard that takes you deep under the ocean to explore a world filled with marine life and sandy dunes. Plastic Oceans aims to educate people and raise awareness on this issue of plastic polluting our oceans and causing direct harm to marine life. In the experience, you will see firsthand how one simple act of littering on land can have dire consequences as you go underwater and see how the trash hurts marine life.

FootBot – Your Personal Football AI!
This was a dialogue agent I worked on for the Dialogue Systems course at UF. We created an interactive agent to help people get useful trivia while watching a football game! Users can ask things like, “How many passing yards does Russell Wilson have?” or “What position is Rob Gronkowski?” What makes FootBot unique is that it’s also context-sensitive; FootBot will watch a game along with you, reading in information about the current play and active players, so in case you missed the last play, FootBot’s got your back.